Keith Locke

Hello and welcome to my home page!

I'm a Certified Public Accountant living and working in Wytheville, Virginia. More about my professional life can be found here: Keith Locke, CPA

The photo to the right is of my wonderful bride and me, when I briefly shaved off my beard, on a schoolyard in Colombia. The approximate elevation here is 2,600 meters above sea level.

Repairing a Peltier effect cooler by making a transformer from a 12-volt computer PSU (power supply unit)PSU wiring!!

In 2004, the Atlantic hurricanes hit Florida with a vengeance. We were living there at the time. Three of them crossed through Polk County to the north northeast of us, including that compact little devil, Charley. Charley was originally predicted to hit Saint Petersburg; however, he hooked a bit clockwise and hit Punta Gorda instead. Good for St Pete. Bad for Punta Gorda. The other two hurricanes that came through Polk County also ended up in Pinellas County, and I took some photos. They show nothing like the devastation depicted elsewhere in Florida that year, nor do they resemble the effects of other hurricanes in other places "lt;like Katrina in New Orleans"gt;; they are interesting to me because they were here.

Here's a little bit about Hurricane Frances

Here's a little bit about Hurricane Jeanne