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Keith Locke
Hurricane Frances
Saint Petersburg, Florida

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More Hurricane Frances Pictures

Descriptions will be below each photo.

Here's another one of Coffee Pot Bayou across Coffee Pot Blvd. In the background, you can see the bridge that leads across to Snell Isle. Trivia: Two communities very close to each other... in fact connected together by another bridge... are Snell Isle and Shore Acres. We used to live in Shore Acres, and I can affirm that it is definitely an island. There is no way to get to Shore Acres without crossing a bridge or getting in the water. Most of Shore Acres is reasonably unpretentious, and the people are nice. Just to the south, Snell Isle is host to a large number of multi-million dollar homes and a golf course. Snell Isle, however, was slightly misnamed. It's actually a peninsula, and if you know the way in you can get there without crossing one of the bridges.

This is a picture taken in the Old Northeast neighborhood. Some tree damage, but otherwise okay.

This policeman is blocking the main road down to Coffee Pot Blvd and Snell Isle. He's just there for the uninitiated because we didn't even notice him until we were leaving... having come in from the downtown area. Apparently, there were a lot of people out sightseeing in their cars (besides us!) and some of them drove into flooded areas. Some of them left the area and left their cars to hinder cleanup operations. Did I mention that it's not real smart to drive into flooded areas?

This stop sign on 22nd Avenue North will require some attention soon.

These next few photos were taken Sunday afternoon, while the feeder bands were buffetting Saint Petersburg. They were taken about 3:30 in the afternoon. I hadn't really intended to be out in the storm, but duty called.

On 3rd Street North, leaving downtown St. Pete, about 3:30 P.M. The car is headed north. Notice that the winds are from the north: the palms are bending back toward us.

Again, this is Sunday afternoon. Hurricane Frances is about 50 miles away and is still, surprisingly enough, a Category I Hurricane. You can see the signal lights are waving in the wind a little.

Another from Sunday afternoon. You can't tell much about the wind in this one, but notice how empty the street is... This is a major artery (22nd Avenue North) and would generally be teeming with cars.

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