Keith Locke

Hello and welcome to my home page!

I'm a Certified Public Accountant living and working in Saint Petersburg, Florida. More about my professional life can be found here: Keith Locke, CPA

The photo to the right is of my wonderful bride and me, when I briefly shaved off my beard, on a schoolyard in Colombia. The approximate elevation here is 2,600 meters above sea level.

One of my interests is real estate. If you are an investor, a potential investor, or a homeowner wanting to sell your home, I'll be adding more information for you someday. I developed a way to sell a piece of real estate that kind of resembles a reverse Dutch auction. It has worked for me in both up and down markets.

Repairing a Peltier effect cooler by making a transformer from a 12-volt computer PSU (power supply unit)PSU wiring!!

I get such a kick out of the "There I fixed it!" photos. Here's one of my own. Ana's Miata had suffered a broken window a few years back. Whether it was a problem from the replacement or whether it was a problem of "plastic fatigue" I don't know. Anyway: There, I fixed it!

One of my best friends shares my interest in motorcycling. You can see his motorcycle links page here: Motorcycle Links David also asked me to mention his travel log. He's been motorcycling in Asia and Europe as well as across the United States. David is also one of the Big Dog Adventure riders. The Big Dog Ride is put together each year by the intrepid world adventurer Greg Frazier who holds the world record for motorcycle circumnavigation / world rides.

I actually rode with the Big Dogs in 2006, feeling all the world like the small puppy that got invited along on the annual chase—you know the one... the pup that steps on his own ears, barks at everything, and can't keep up. Except for the warm-up day, Thursday, when Greg purposely put a really good rider in the back to "sweep", I came in dead last to every destination. Nevertheless, I'm proud to have ridden with a group that includes world riders, Dakar participants, and off-road racers. I put 3,700 miles on the KLR650 in 13 days, coming back through Tennessee and down the Tail of the Dragon. It was a blast, and it deserves some space here. I've been procrastinating...

In an effort to enjoy more off-road riding and build up some off-road skills (and maybe do the Big Dog Ride again someday), I acquired a Suzuki DR350. However, it was more of a challenge to get all the way back into top condition than I had time and skills to accomplish. I did a lot of research into dual sport bikes in the 250 cc class, including the Honda CRF230 and the older Yamaha XT225. Finally I narrowed the choices down to the Yamaha XT250 (or a used Yamaha XT225) and the Kawasaki KLX250S. Both are great little bikes, but my top choice of the two, viewed as a new purchase was the Yamaha. A used, like new, bike almost always makes more financial sense. So I looked for a used Yamaha XT225. Found a nice one. Sold. Found another nice one. Sold, maybe, maybe not, owner silly as a squirrel. Someone steered me to this one, and I ended up the happy new owner of the Gringo's Green Goat.

Speaking of off-road motorcycle racers, the current (as of April 2009) AHRMA dirt track champion of the Southeast Region is one of my neighbors, James Barber. In 1975, his dad, Mike Barber, held that title for the whole state District 8. I count them as friends and "good folks".

Another one of my interests is handmade knives. (And high quality factory knives, too!) Here is a little about some of my favorite knifemakers.

An old friend of mine, knifemaker A.T. Barr, builds some of the finest folding knives you would want to own. All of his knives are meant to be carried and used. We met when A.T. lived in Texas through another friend and knifemaker named Chuck Dominy. A.T. has taught me a lot about knifemaking and the anatomy of folding knives. A.T. is a member of the Knifemakers Guild and is licensed to make folders that use the Spyderco hole for opening. I have three of his knives and like them all. Visit A.T. Barr's Custom Knives Site

Every so often in life you meet someone you know will be a long-time friend. However, it's rare to meet two at one time--especially if they are married. Larry and Gail Lunn are both excellent knifemakers. They both make high-end folding knives, and their preference is automatic knives. There are two types of automatics: single action and double action. (I didn't switch topics; we're still talking knives.) Gail is the only lady knifemaker who makes double-action automatic folders. Larry taught her everything she knows... he will tell you with a grin. Larry was a tool and die maker for decades, and this skill flowed right into custom knives. I spent a few days in his shop, and I can attest to his devotion to workmanship. I love to visit with them and drool over their less-expensive knives, which run only a couple of thousand or so. Gail has one called Purple Haze that will keep me buying lottery tickets. Visit Larry and Gail Lunn at

Another knifemaker I like is Charlie Ochs, owner of Ox Forge. Charlie is a member of the American Bladesmith Society, and he almost always donates a knife to be raffled off by the Wyoming Antelope Club for their annual Wild Game Dinner as well as a knife to be auctioned at the annual Friends of the NRA banquet in Pinellas County.

In 2004, the Atlantic hurricanes hit Florida with a vengeance. Three of them crossed through Polk County to the north northeast of us, including that compact little devil, Charley. Charley was originally predicted to hit Saint Petersburg; however, he hooked a bit clockwise and hit Punta Gorda instead. Good for St Pete. Bad for Punta Gorda. The other two hurricanes that came through Polk County also ended up in Pinellas County, and I took some photos. They show nothing like the devastation depicted elsewhere in Florida that year, nor do they resemble the effects of other hurricanes in other places "lt;like Katrina in New Orleans"gt;; they are interesting to me because they were here.

Here's a little bit about Hurricane Frances

Here's a little bit about Hurricane Jeanne