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Keith Locke
Hurricane Jeanne
Saint Petersburg, Florida

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More Hurricane Jeanne Pictures

Descriptions will be below each photo.

More tree branches that we noticed driving home right after Jeanne. I keep saying right after; however, we were still experiencing tropical-storm-force winds. The winds had dropped enough in force that driving was okay, and most of the damage that was to happen had already happened.

Not all homeowners boarded their windows, but enough did that this was a common sight. The other thing that makes this picture of interest is that the trees are still standing with very little tree debris in the yard. Some trees weathered Jeanne better than others.

One of the new plastic fences. Supposedly these fences don't fall down in the wind...

As mentioned on the prior page, brush left over from Frances. This used to be in one neat pile. We've been waiting for the city to pick up the piles of tree branches left over from Frances. Most people made a pile at the curb. Impatient person that I am, I had already chopped all of the Frances debris into tiny pieces and stuffed/crammed/packed it into the trash bin. That's a lot of extra work, but I didn't have a pile like this one. Now, in the wake of Jeanne, we'll have even more debris.

Two trees from the neighbor's yard that fell on our electricity service drop and on the fence. The large cable is the power cable, and the smaller one is the telephone line. You have to look closely to see it, but there are indeed two trees. The one farthest away was a tree that split into two trunks just above ground. The closer one had a misshapen large branch that grew parallel to the ground above the fence. It was a few feet above the fence and paralleled the top of the fence for about 8-10 feet.

Here's a view from the side of the house facing the back of the property.

Here's a closeup of the misshapen branch that broke. I worried about this branch and had trimmed around the service drop cable twice: once before Hurricane Charley and once before Hurricane Frances. Much of the weight and "sail" area was gone, so I am guessing that the other tree went first, fell into this tree, and brought both of them to the ground. Scroll up two photos, and see if you think so, too.

The last one in this series. This view is from the back fence facing toward the house...but there's this tree in the way. You can see the telephone wire.

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